Python for Engineers is free to read, but you can also buy a copy.

Python for Hackers teaches you practical hacking skills, plus how to prevent common attacks on your code. It's written primarily for programmers who want to learn security. Buy a copy here

Read an extract from the book: Xkcd Style Sql Injection Hack in Python.

Build Your Own Neural Network in Python An introduction to machine learning that shows you how to build a neural network from scratch, ie, no libraries

Stop Hating Your Job and Take Control of Your Life Career advice for people who hate their jobs and want out. I'll share a part of a review:

(The book) is a breath of fresh air compared with other career advice/self-help books, and during an earlier phase of my life I was a connoisseur of these. A particular criticism of many books that I have is that they develop some sort of weird pseudo-mystical system (and in some cases, actually magical) that you must "learn to apply" in order to do well in the world, and as a physicist and a skeptic of the paranormal I hate these. Shantnu manages to cut through all the crap and tells you what you need to hear and probably when you need to hear it too if you're reading the book.

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