Machine Learning

Complete noobs who have never used Pandas start here:

Introduction to Pandas with Practical Examples (New)

If you have used Pandas before (or are willing to learn as you go), start here:

Machine Learning for Complete Beginners:

Machine Learning For Complete Beginners
The problem: Many machine learning tutorials out there expect you have a PhD in Statistics or Mathematics. This tutorial is written for beginners, assuming no previous knowledge of machine learning. Format: We will start off with an introduction to machine learning, followed by a machine learning s…

The next topic is Sentiment Analysis, which inspite of its fancy name, just means using machine learning to find out if a text has positive or negative emotions.

The topic is really cool as you can use it to build spam filters, analyse stocks and shares, and a lot more.

This 1st series introduces you to the topic, and guides you on how to build a spam filter.

Natural Language Processing and Sentiment Analysis with Python
0. Introduction to NLP and Sentiment Analysis 1. Natural Language Processing with NTLK 2. Intro to NTLK, Part 2 3. Build a sentiment analysis program 4. Sentiment Analysis with Twitter 5. Analysing the Enron Email Corpus 6. Build a Spam Filter using the Enron Corpus In spite of the big,