How to Create an NFT Using Windows Notepad (and make millions!)

How to Create an NFT Using Windows Notepad (and make millions!)

In this post, I will show you how to create a 100% UNIQUE  and NON-FUNGIBLE NFT using nothing but Windows Notepad (and not even Notepad++)!

I have downloaded a monkey image from Wikipedia (because NFT is not Real NFT⁽ᵀᴹ⁾  until it comes with a monkey image):

We will now open Notepad, and copy the link to this image:

And there you go. Our NFT is ready.

  • As the NFT specs dictate, it is a link to an actual image
  • It is non-fungible because I saved the file with a unique name 1.txt. Also, the link is totes unique.
  • It is distributed because I've copied the file onto a dozen USB's and will distribute them all over the house, so if one gets lost, I can find another.
Pictured: Distributed Non-fungible NFT. That is also distributed

Bonus: The NFT is 100% WEB3 compatible and promotes open web standards and decentralisation and also it saves puppies from drowning. [reference needed]

To buy this NFT:

The price starts at £1 million, plus VAT, plus postage and packaging (for the USB). Insurance optional. Buy 2, get 1 free!

I prefer to be paid in cash, preferably small unmarked bills. No crypto thanks, I'm wary of scammers.